simply be {patient}
Someone call Stacy and Clinton.
Because this site is getting a makeover.

Don’t fret.
Just send me your info and you’ll be the first to know when the new site is launched.

In the meantime…
Find me on Instagram (where I have a penchant for inspirational quotes,
modern calligraphy, and those amazing Letterfolk letter boards.)

Oh, hey.
You’re still here.
While I have you…

You’ve got a list of clients and customers, you’re bringing in some cash, and every day you’re making the world more beautiful. (You’re killin’ it by the way. Go get ’em girl.)

But try as you may (and you’ve tried. Like really DIY tried) you’re not totally satisfied with the way you’re presenting your business to the world.

That’s where I can help.

I’m a creative strategist who provides full-service branding solutions: from logo design to collateral materials to web design to key messaging copywriting.

I can get your brand to match your unparalleled level of service.


Simply Be {Creative}

I’m Jenny Spurling, the mompreneur
behind Simply Be {Creative} LLC.

Take heed: I use that title because you will most definitely hear a very LOUD child when you call.

But you get it.

Because like me, you’re juggling this whole mom/creative hustler/world-changer role.

See, we have something in common: we want to change the world by making it more beautiful.

Here’s what I believe:
True beauty comes from a place of generosity and love. (And that people are inherently good and just want to help each other.)

I know I’m not alone.

I work with women who come from all walks of life: photographers, nonprofit executives, interior designers, financial advisors, small business owners.

These women are doing their jobs not just for the money but because what they do brings beauty and light to others.

Kind of like this…
From websites to resource guides to business cards and everything in between, I can make your vision come alive.


…someone who elevates every project she’s involved with. Her intelligence, creativity, communication skills and vast landscape of experience allows Jenny to consistently deliver results that exceed everyone’s expectations.

Yvonne Lieblein

Lieblein Associates


Working with Simply Be Creative was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! From the first meeting to the completed project, it was a breeze.
Jenny’s energy, passion and creative talent made every step easy and fun.

Heather Arrighi

Former Director, Brockton's Promise

Where do we go from here?
Even though this site is getting a little tender-loving-care,
we can still connect. Pinky swear.

Simply Be Creative LLC
PO Box 1549
Sandwich, MA 02563

tel. 774-238-9795
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